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A closer look into Mexican traditions and their impact on fashion.

Mexican Fashion

Mexican Culture & the Influence on Fashion.

When most of us think of Mexico, the image that enters our mind is vibrant colours, handcrafted textiles, and culturally influenced designs. Through their extraordinary creativity, Mexican art & culture have influenced fashion worldwide. 

The artisans behind these designs pass down the cultural knowledge from generation to generation, making sure their traditions live forever. These skills are developed at a young age, always reminding them where they came from. Each time we inherit one of their designs, we receive a piece of their heritage which is something to treasure.

The History of Mexican Art

The indigenous people of Mexico lived in separate communities, geographically divided by mountains, bodies of water, and forests. Each tribe developed their own cultures, dialects, and artistic manners.

After centuries of colonialism, mixing their cultures with Indigenous, African, and other Spanish populations, Mexican folk art evolved into what we know today as modern Mexico. Looking back, you are able to see the unique differences between Mexican artisans ancient techniques, and the blend of modern culture.

Mexican Artesania

Materials used in handcrafted Mexican art is typically sourced from their natural habitats, many artisans make a living by selling their creations. The most commonly used materials are wood, leather, textiles, clay, yarn, and metals.  

Textiles: One of the country's most acknowledge good, the technique of creating magnificent fabrics can be dated as far back as 1400 BC. Historically, textiles were made from palm, yucca, and maguey but present day, these are derived from silk, wool, and other natural fibers.

Apparel: Mexican clothing can be an eye catching way to express yourself. The vibrant colours and unique style are loud and exciting. Their styles include long skirts, ponchos, and dresses.

Palma hats: A Mexican staple. Typically handcrafted with baked palm leaves that are tightly woven and pressed to create a neat finish. Palma hats are the perfect authentic piece for any outfit. 

Silver: The most iconic trend in Mexican fashion & accessories. Silver has been used to create jewelry and dishwear since the Aztecs, it is a large part of the countries history, culture, and current economy. 

Mexican traditions will never be lost in the fashion. From ancient times to modern day design, you're able to find the generational influence in all things. 

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